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This course will provide students with experience in creating
images and designs using computer graphics, design and drawing
programs. Topics will include graphic design, illustration, image
manipulation, image processing, and 3D graphics. Students will
combine these elements in a variety of projects to create original

Monday, March 7, 2011

black and white using channel mixer


In this photo I changed it from color to black and white; before I changed anything I made sure to adjust the brightness and contrast to make it the best photo possible. When I say the best photo possible I mean making the photo clearer, making small details come to life. I didn’t want to make it too noticeable but I like how you can see the small details such as every small piece of grass under the train and all the details of the train.
After that, I changed this photo by clicking on image and adjustments. Under adjustments there is an option called channel mixer. Click that and adjust it to how you like it. I like the photo because it is a recent picture but by changing it to black and white it looks like it’s really old.

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