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This course will provide students with experience in creating
images and designs using computer graphics, design and drawing
programs. Topics will include graphic design, illustration, image
manipulation, image processing, and 3D graphics. Students will
combine these elements in a variety of projects to create original

Monday, February 14, 2011

picture inside a text

I’m posting this picture because it is a very useful technique for things like posters. I love this photo because it is me and my best friend and putting the word there showed out true friendship.
I created a New Document (File>New), In order to achieve desired results I made sure the new document has the same dimensions as the photo I’m going to use to fill the text. I used the Paint Bucket Tool (G) to fill the background with the color Black. I used the Horizontal Type Tool (T) and created a word that I wanted that add the whole new document. I made the letters the color white. I copied and pasted the photo I wanted to use into the document with the text I created. I selected the photo (Select>All). I copied the photo (Edit>Copy). I selected the other document and paste the photo into it (Edit>Paste). I change the top layer to be a clipping mask. With the top layer selected (Layer>Create Clipping Mask). I moved the text around so it would reveal the best portion of my picture.

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